8 genaio 2006

This morning we went to the flea market in Porta Portese. It is insane! They are selling everything you could possibly imagine- jewelry, shoes, pillows, clothes, books, kitchen supplies, bags…much of it junk or stolen, but sometimes you can find something nice, you just have to dig. It goes on for at least a half mile and is so crowded that if you lost someone you would never find them again. Kelly, L and I held hands or coats as we shuffled our way through. I don’t think I will go there again, at least not the way we found it, which was through some very rundown neighborhood on the wrong side of Viale Trastevere.

We walked back along the river and went to a cute,small restaurant on Via della Scala with good sandwiches. I had a salmon sandwich with a thick tortilla bread and an accua tonica. It is very close to where we live and one side is a bar. Convenient. I’m still full from lunch and can definitely see myself eating only one meal a day.

This evening L and I walked to the hill above Trastevere to Piazza San Pietro, at the spot where Saint Peter was believed to be crucified. Bramante’s Tempieto is right there! It was built in the 15th century after the original church was torn down and rebuilt. It is supposed to be the purest of Romanesque architecture I believe. We walked around it and down some steps to try to look inside, but the light was too faded by then to see. We kept going up the hill past the fountain where you can see out to the whole city. At the top of the hill is Villa Aurelia where Garibaldi had his headquarters when the papacy fell and republic took over. Past the park there is a place where you can look out to the city and the other way you can see St Peter’s basilica. Amazing sight, if you ignore the necking couples!

Tonight we are going to go to an Irish pub, of all places, to see if the Steeler’s game is on as we heard rumored.



What a fantastic Irish Pub to watch American football! All the Italians were stopping by the window to look at the crazy Americans jump and scream at guys in spandex throwing a ball at each other. B ran into a guy he went to high school with who is studying architecture here this semester. How crazy is that??

With friends at the Abbey Theater

With friends at the Abbey Theatre


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