Rome – Here we go Steelers


From: Emily Date: January 9, 2006 3:14:38 PM EST  To: All

Subject: Here we go Steelers!

So last night we decided that being the diehard Pittsburgh fans that we are we must find the game on somewhere. I remembered SL putting the Abbey Theatre on the map she made us and hearing from some of our classmates it seemed like a good bet. The Abbey Theatre is an Irish pub near Piazza Navona that plays all of the major NFL games that us crazy Americans can’t go without. It took us forever to get there because the alignment of streets on the map is totally different than what it is in reality. When we finally reached it we found nothing less than crazy Steelers and Bengals fans cheering on their respective games, but brethren underneath it all, a few fellow Americans in the Eternal City. There were Italians looking in the window and laughing at us. They definitely think we are insane in our love of American football. One of our friends, ran into a guy he went to high school with who is here studying architecture. Who knew? Across the world in a foreign city to see someone you actually know!

We just finished dinner, fresh made pasta from a place here in Trastevere. There is no better dinner than with 6 of your friends; good food, good wine, good music, good company. So far I think this is my favorite part of being in Rome… you just walk down the road and get everything you need at all these different stores. Tell the signora at the pasta shop how many people you have and she gives you an appropriate amount for that. Go down the street for bread and they treat you like kings. What a place to be…

Con ama (with love),



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