HolidayParty (71)I’m a Western Pennsylvania native, transported to the urban landscape of Baltimore, Maryland, in love with the mountains of Vermont, streets of Rome, and coasts of Oregon.  Growing up, I was most recognized behind the lens of a camera or on the back of a horse.

Most of my childhood was spent in the urban parks of Pittsburgh where I learned to identify trees and pronounce their Latin names with my father or out in the country working as a barn rat, riding, and eventually teaching.

Nowadays I work as a landscape architect with a love for both native and urban landscapes, and am an aspiring photographer and writer.  I also travel around the country as a volunteer for my professional organization.  This site is an outlet for those joys.  You can find other personal essays and writings over at my other blog, pointsquirrelside.blogspot.com, or follow me on Instagram and Twitter @jewbeck.

(Image by Scott McGill.)



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